Commercial Junk Hauling

Welcome to Junk To Go, your trusted partner for commercial junk removal and bulk trash services! We know that junk and old furniture can be more than an inconvenience; it’s an obstacle to your business. That’s where Junk To Go’s professional junk removal services come in to save the day.

With over 20 years of experience in MD, DC and VA, our team of experts is committed to delivering quality junk removal services that you can rely on. At Junk To Go, our expertise in junk removal is second to none – we get rid of junk for everyone.

Apartment Complexes

In apartment complexes, tenants frequently move in and out, leaving behind unwanted furniture, appliances, and other items. Junk removal ensures a swift and efficient turnover of units, making them ready for new tenants promptly. It is also important to keep your dumpster enclosures and compactors clear of the bulky items.

Property Managers

Property managers oversee multiple rental units and need to ensure that common areas, garages, basements, and storage spaces remain clutter-free and accessible to tenants. Junk removal services help maintain a clean and welcoming environment for residents.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents often need junk removal services to clean out properties that are in transition, such as estate sales, foreclosures, or property turnovers. This ensures that properties are presented in their best condition to potential buyers or renters, contributing to a smoother real estate transaction process.


Residential property owners and landlords need junk removal services to clean out abandoned or foreclosed properties, making them market-ready.


Commercial enterprises often accumulate outdated office equipment, furniture, and inventory over time. Junk removal services help businesses declutter and create a more organized workspace, boosting employee morale and productivity.


Retailers may need to dispose of old merchandise, damaged items, or store fixtures that are no longer in use. Junk removal ensures that retail spaces remain visually appealing and functional for customers.


Restaurants frequently replace furniture, appliances, and kitchen equipment. Junk removal services help maintain a clean and hygienic dining environment, complying with health and safety regulations.


The hospitality industry relies on maintaining an inviting atmosphere. Junk removal aids hotels in disposing of old furnishings, mattresses, fixtures, and appliances, allowing them to keep their rooms and common areas updated and attractive to guests.


Warehouses often accumulate excess packaging materials, unused equipment, and obsolete inventory. Junk removal streamlines inventory management and maximizes storage space utilization.

Construction Sites

Construction sites generate a significant amount of debris, including construction waste, debris, and discarded materials. Timely removal of this waste not only keeps the site safe but also enhances productivity by providing ample space for construction work.

We are experts in collecting, transporting, disposing, and recycling unwanted junk and bulk trash from businesses, including offices, retail locations, and various commercial establishments. We have several satisfied customers with commercial contracts in the MD, DC and VA area with apartment complexes, HOA’s and builders.  Junk removal services are distinct from standard waste collection and disposal, as it deals with a broader range of items, including old furniture, large appliances, scrap metal, pallets, and other bulky or non-standard materials commonly found in commercial settings.

At Junk To Go, we provide specialized commercial junk removal services that are tailored to handle the collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling of a wide range of unwanted items. This includes everything from old furniture and large appliances to scrap metal and pallets.

Discover the difference Junk To Go can make for your commercial junk removal needs, and experience the convenience of our comprehensive and eco-friendly services today!  You call, we haul it all!